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From father to daughters

The beginning

Today HELIOS is 100% female-owned and operated, and is considered to be among the top European pasta companies.

The company is a member of the Dakos Group, privately owned exclusively by Panagiotis Dakos’ family, with 2nd generation family members (4th generation in the cereal industry) holding key positions in the company.

From its establishment until today, at HELIOS Pasta Industry we are constantly investing in state-of-the-art equipment for our production facilities, developing new, innovative products that meet our customers’ high standards, and providing the best possible training and support for our people. 


HELIOS Pasta Industry is a Greek family-owned company, founded in 1932.


During the Second World War, production stopped. When the war ended, new automatic machinery was imported and the principles of tradition were established, expressed in the slogan “Buy Quality”.

In 1974 the company was modernized and moved to a new building.

In 1995 the company was bought by the flour industrialist Panagiotis Sp. Dakos and the company’s name was changed to ‘HELIOS PASTA INDUSTRY – PANAGIOTIS SP. DAKOS S.A.’.
The new management remained faithful to the doctrine of the high quality pasta produced, and in order to meet the increased needs of the Greek and international markets, made important investments in the years that followed.


The common management with the sister company DAKOS’ MILLS – where the 4th generation proudly provides high quality raw materials and cereals as the exclusive raw material supplier – further empowers the company with the clear advantage of a vertically integrated manufacturing structure, resulting in immediate and effective quality control, and flexibility in the production process.

For 89 years now, we have been providing consumers with delicious, nutritious and high quality Greek pasta. Made exclusively from 100% durum wheat semolina, HELIOS pasta is being known for its supreme quality raw materials we select, our deep, long standing experience in the industry, our love and passion for what we do, succeeding in perfectly combining tradition with contemporary gastronomic elements.

Our products

HELIOS Pasta Industry has innovation in its DNA, demonstrating from very early its excellence over other companies in the industry.

In 1990 HELIOS created spaghetti espressi, the innovative delicious quick-cooking pasta that is ready in less than 2 minutes!

We produce and trade 20 different product series and more than 80 shapes of innovative pasta, made out of 100% durum wheat, or other grains’ semolina, being at the same time the only pasta industry in Greece producing special products.

Our most recent product innovation is the eco-friendly artesian pasta straws, biodegradable straws made out of semolina and water for cold drinks and juices; HELIOS’ proposal for the reduction and elimination of single use plastics, which is vital factor for the pollution of the oceans and the planet.


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