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pasta straws


In the near future, the volume of plastic in the world’s oceans will surpass the number of fish, according to recent studies. Plastic straws play a major role in marine pollution.
HELIOS Pasta Industry believes in fostering sustainable practices for the protection of the environment, and has created the novel and innovative artesian pasta straws, made from semolina.


The artesian pasta straws brand is inspired by the ‘artesian springs’, the phenomenon of fresh, pure water spilling from the surface naturally. The logo depicts a white sperm whale which represents the oceans and HELIOS’ environmental sensitivity.


The artesian pasta straws are:

  • Biodegradable pasta straws

  • Natural product - vegan ingredients 

  • Natural, alternative proposal to plastic straws

  • Keeps its properties for more than an hour

  • They leave no aftertaste

  • They do not alter the taste of the drink 

  • Innovative, practical packaging which recloses

  • For cold drinks only

  • For all ages

  • Replace the use plastic materials, protect the planet

  • For use in a large or small glass

  • Ideal for cold coffee, iced tea, juices, cold milk, smoothies, water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  • Individually wrapped

  • No dyes or artificial coloring

  • Eco friendly

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